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“What’s The Craic?”

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I had incredible time in Derry (good craic), and am so grateful to have experienced everything, not only as a tourist. Thanks to my host family, I was able to learn about the everyday life and culture up close. I would be happy, if anyone has similar prior, or perhaps is planning his next trip to Ireland, Here is some useful information on.

Slán, Klaus

Craic is expressed as “Crack“. Admittedly does in such, does not mean, however, a related drug with cocaine, although it is the first time in Ireland is already asking, why everyone has it or is looking for it 🙂

Craic is a Gaelic word, without accurate English translation. There is a saying in Gaelic “ceoil agus craic”, which means something like “Music and Fun“. Craic not appear in standard English dictionaries, but if you enter it as a search term on Google to get almost 4 Million results. Obviously there is a lot of craic out there 😉
Simply put, “Craic” have said have a good time.

  • It’s a good craic!” – This is Super!
  • Let’s go have some craic” – Let's have some fun.
Theft can be heard but also “What’s the craic?” as a greeting. This has several meanings. On the one normally “How are you?” it can also mean …”What's new?“… something's happened since we last saw the? So it can either Welcome be used, to ask if there are any News are, or how the evening had.

  • Welcome:
  • What’s the craic?” as “how are you?” …possible answers:
  • The craic’s great/grand“, or “I'm grand” (wherein a is pulled slightly in the length and “d” is swallowed…any event in Derry)
  • News:
    • How’s the craic?” – How was it? …possible answers:
    • Right ls whats the craic
    • That was mad craic
    • Klass craic lads
    • The craic was mighty” (enormous). May be a bit tricky, when you say it to a police officer in the USA 😉


  • Whats the craic with tomorrow night?” What's going on, what's happening, or what we do tomorrow night?

Finally, two other examples:

  • She’s great craic when she gets going.” – She is great, if you is picking up speed
  • He’s great craic when he has a few pints on him.” He's Toll (great), if he has a few beers gertrunken.

Rather confusing, or? For me it was after 3 Still difficult to distinguish months was which actually meant. “How are you?”….or “What's new?”…or is something funny happened? It's just sometimes hard to classify what the comparison means now. One can not separate as a foreigner in some situations. But Rovinj today is the very nature of “Craic“!? To get together with good friends, Have fun and just the seriousness of life outside before leave. Just “good craic” have. 🙂

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