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Derry's famous Murals

Derry's famous murals are in the Catholic district Bogside (Irish: Taobh an Bhogaigh). There may be considered based on the political history of the Bogside murals during the Northern Ireland conflict. They were created by the "Bogside Artists“. One of the largest and the first mural of them is certainly the held in black and white "The Petrol Bomber“. It was 1994 the 25-year anniversary of the "Battle at the Bogside" completed and shows a boy wearing a gas mask, of a Molotov cocktail in his hands holds. Clive Limpkin fografierte den Jungen im August 1969 während der „Battle of the Bogside“. The tragic story behind it, I in "Free Derry Museum"Learn. The children wanted to protect themselves with gas masks from World War II before the tear gas and were not aware of, think they are in fact only increases the effect. If you want more information about the Northern Ireland conflict, you should make sure you "Free Derry Museum"Visit.

Bogside Artists "are three artists who have grown up in the Bogside and its history have followed close. Its goal is the artistic processing of events in Northern Ireland. Make the events of the Northern Ireland conflict is out of your and thus from the perspective of the residents of the Bogside. These artists make really a great job, but are not supported by the City of, but to finance the maintenance of the population of the Bogside Murals from donations. Even the tourist office which guided tours are not just small program point by the Bogside, do not participate in the cost. During my stay in Derry had the "Bogside Artists" begun to illuminate the Murals (LIGHTING UP THE MURALS). This has also been funded by donations of the Bogside residents. 2013 Derry is "UK City of Culture“. For the lighting of the city wall, der „Saint Columb’s Cathedral“ und der „Apprentice Boys Hall“ hat die Stadt z.B. Means provided.

End of June, the walls 235 Meters long and symbolic "Peace Bridge“ (Peace Bridge) open, that the predominantly Catholic part of town with the Protestant Waterside across the river Foyle connects. It was funded by the EU Peace Programme for Northern Ireland and aims to bring together divided communities. This million project will probably not be used by many residents of the Bogside rather, at least not in the near future, because even 13 Years after the Good Friday Agreement (Good Friday Agreement) sit the wounds of the Northern Ireland conflict has left deep and still there are not too many contacts between the inhabitants of the Bog- und Waterside. But for the city it runs maybe a new period of peace and reconciliation, and is hoping for a fresh start.

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