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Derry for Japan und Sanitarium Gig

A day of Rock and Roll from Derry’s finest bands to raise funds for the Japanese Red Cross.

Some bands confirmed for the Japanese fundraiser in St. Columbs Hall on the 9th April .. Fighting With Wire .. Triggerman .. The Lighthouse .. Intermission .. Furlo .. Little Hooks .. John Deery and the Heads .. Gascan Rucus .. Our Krypton Son .. Hangmans Bastion .. The Wonder Villians .. Flying Castros .. Future Chaser .. Mojo Gogo .. Hubris .. Electric Dukes .. The Reverb .. Heavy Set Bayonet .. more T.B.C
We have not designed and produced the poster, but in the end it doesn't matter. The 10 Pound entry is well spent anyway

Also the band from my colleague Dee “Hangmans Bastion” is part of it. I was able to get an impression last weekend at Sanitarium Gig with “Stargazer” in the “Mason’s Bar” do here in Derry…He´s a fucking Rockstar 😉

Has a bit of Henry Rollins 😉 – Dee “Hangmans Bastion”


Jeanette Hutton – “Stargazer”

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